Will waxing make my hair thicker?

With waxing, the hair is being pulled and removed from the root, therefore it grows back thinner.

How often should I wax?

Usually every three to four weeks, depending on different factors e.g. hormones, genetics, etc.

I suffer from ingrown hairs. Is there anything I can do to prevent them?

Yes! The best thing you can do is exfoliate the waxed area every second day to help rid of any dry dead skin cells that will trap the hair and stop it from popping through. You can also use moisturiser on the are every day to keep the skin hydrated and soft, making it easier for those hairs to come through.


Eyelash Extensions

How long do eyelash extensions last?

It varies for everyone but clients will usually come back for a refill between every 3-4 weeks.



Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes! We offer vouchers in either dollar amounts or for specific services. You can find them via our website or buy in the salon.

Can I bring my children with me to my appointment?

Yes! Usually visiting Beautiful Creatures and having a treatment should be a relaxing thing for you to do, however we understand that it may be easier for you to bring your children.


Will I go orange?

No. We use a few different coloured based tans (green, voilet) that conteract any ornage.

How long do I have to leave my tan on before I can shower?

Every tan solution is different, however the one we use is generally between 1-3 hours.

How do I prepare for a tan?

Exfoliate, shave & moisturise the day before your appointment. Arrive to your appointment with no moituriser, perfume, makeup or deoderant on your skin. Make sure you are wearing loose clothing,

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