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our team.

The people who work at Beautiful Creatures celebrate each unique beauty.

We unite passion and craftsmanship, fostering a supportive environment to inspire our team and clients alike.


Jen Elliott


Senior Beauty Therapist

Meet Jen, our bubbly and proficient expert at Beautiful Creatures. With over a decade in the salon industry, Jen's deep knowledge and extensive experience ensure top-notch treatments that leave clients not only confident in her abilities but also feeling fabulous as they step out of our doors!


Beyond the salon, Jen enjoys a well-rounded life filled with love and laughter, thanks to her husband and two wonderful children. She's an avid reader, often seen engrossed in a riveting book, and a social butterfly who cherishes time spent with friends.

A fan of the thrilling movie 'Knives Out,' Jen also has a fondness for all things Mexican - from its vibrant culture to its delectable cuisine, making it her favourite holiday destination. Jen's blend of professional expertise, friendly demeanour, and zest for life ensures a rewarding and enjoyable experience for every client at Beautiful Creatures.


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