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Your Trust Matters: Beautiful Creatures' Commitment to Honesty, Openness, and Fair Play.

Updated 1 July 2023


Welcome to Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty (ABN 26 598 376 016). We appreciate your use of our services and encourage you to read our terms and conditions thoroughly. By using our website ( and booking services, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. We reserve the right to update these terms at any time without notice, and it is your responsibility to stay informed about any changes. Continuous use of our website implies acceptance of these terms.

All contracts and dealings between Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty and any person (‘Customer’) relating to any goods or services we provide and supply through the website are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Furthermore, Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty reserves the right to withdraw or restrict services without notice. Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty will not be liable for any inconvenience or losses if the website is unavailable.


Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty uses Timely, a third-party software, for scheduling appointments. By making an appointment, you agree to Timely’s terms and conditions and our own. We are not responsible for Timely’s content, practices, or privacy policies. For more information on Timely, please refer to their website.

A 30% reservation fee is required for all appointments, which is non-refundable if the appointment is cancelled within 24 hours or if the client does not show up.


We reserve the right to alter the prices of our services at any time unless an order has already been placed. The price at the time of your booking is the price you agree to pay.


We ask that customers inform us of any pregnancy, skin conditions, allergies, or current medical treatments before service. This information is crucial to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff and to provide the best possible service. Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty will take all due care in performing services. However, we will not be liable for any side effects or complications resulting from the customer’s failure to disclose their medical conditions or circumstances.


As a provider of services, Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty must meet several consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). This means that we guarantee that our services will be:

  • Provided with due care and skill;

  • Fit for any specified purpose; and

  • Delivered within a reasonable time when there is no agreed end date.

Suppose we fail to meet any of these consumer guarantees. In that case, you have rights under the ACL to a suitable remedy, which might include a resupply of the services, or a partial or full refund, depending on the circumstances. It’s important to remember that the consumer guarantees under the ACL do not apply if you simply change your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it, knew about the particular fault before purchase, or caused the fault after the purchase by misusing the product.


In accordance with Australian Consumer Law, if any service provided by Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty fails to meet one or more of our consumer guarantees, you are entitled to a suitable remedy. The type of remedy will depend on whether the failure is considered ‘major’ or ‘minor’.

A major failure is when a reasonable consumer would not have acquired the service had they been fully aware of the failure, the service is significantly different from the description, the service does not meet the purpose specified or agreed upon, or the service is unsafe. In the event of a major failure, you have the right to choose between a refund or a resupply of the service.


In the case of a minor failure, Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty has the right to choose between providing a resupply of the service or offering a refund.

Please refer to our Refund Policy for more information on how to request a refund or the resupply of a service.


Please remember that these guarantees do not apply if you change your mind or misuse or alter the product in a way that results in failure.


At Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty, we value your feedback and strive to provide excellent service. However, we understand that there may be occasions when our service does not meet your expectations. In such cases, we encourage you to contact us so we can rectify the situation.

Please email us at or call us during business hours to submit a complaint or feedback. 

We will acknowledge your complaint within three business days of receipt. While we aim to resolve all issues within 14 business days, complex matters may require additional time. We will keep you informed throughout the process.


All content on our website, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, logos, audio, video, software, and other material, is the property of Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty.

Customers may view, download, copy, and/or print the content for personal use only. The content may not be altered, reproduced, distributed, or used commercially without express written permission from Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty.


Our opening hours, including public holidays and any unexpected closures, can be found on our website and social media channels.


Please note that services may be booked on public holidays, but a public holiday rate will apply.


  1. Travel Time: Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty charges a travel fee of $60 per hour, which covers the time spent travelling to the client’s desired location.

  2. In-town Call-outs: A flat call-out fee of $40 will be charged for appointments within Warrnambool.

  3. Tolls and Parking Fees: Any tolls or parking fees incurred during travel to the client’s location may be added to the final bill.

  4. Touch-up Services: Touch-ups after the ceremony and before photos can be provided for a fee of $50 per hour. Alternatively, we can offer an exclusive wedding day rate tailored to your needs.


If you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions, please get in touch with us at or visit us at:


Beautiful Creatures Makeup & Beauty,
79 Liebig St, Warrnambool, VIC, 3280

We’re always here to listen to your concerns and address them.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Terms and Conditions.

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